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Set Caving, cave diving with battery 10.9V 7Ah

Lamp connected directly to the 6 cells battery box. Kit ready to be mounted on a helmet (without connector). Supplied with 10.9V 7Ah battery and mounting plates.

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Reference: AS 17.41.002_00

This kit includes:

A Meandre 1.0 lamp. Ref: AS 16.44.001_00

A 6 cells battery box. Ref: AS 17.48.002_00

A Li-ion battery Enix 10.9V 7Ah. Ref: AS 16.45.005_00

An Ansmann 3S Li-ion charger. Ref: AS 17.39.001_00

A 50cm cable connecting the lamp to the battery box.

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Length of the cable gland with cable gland: 50cm +/- 2

The lamp is connected directly to the battery box. (no connector)

For more information, see our technical sheet:

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