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Multisport set model with Battery 5.2Ah and connector IP65

The lamp goes everywhere from the moment it is not necessary to dive underwater. Equipped with an IP65 connector (protection against splashing water only) it comes in all the sauces with its adapter "gopro" and its extension of 1m10: Mtb, Crafts, and other professional activities, photo, fishing night etc. etc ...

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Référence: AS 18.07.009_00

This set contains:

A lamp Explo 1 IP65    blue: Ref AS 18.19.005_00, Red: Ref AS 18.19.006_00

A battery box 5.2Ah IP65.  Ref AS 17.41.004_00

A battery Li-ion Ansmann 11.1V 5.2Ah.   Ref: AS 16.48.002_00

A charger Ansmann 11.1V Li-ion connector IP65.  Ref: AS 17.43.002_00

-Adaptator Gopro for the lampe  Ref AS 16.45.006_00

-Extension 1m IP65.   Ref AS 16.45.001_00

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