Outdoor activities

Even if we can use our lamps in an innumerable amount of different activities, you should know that originally, the specifications were written for the constraints of caving and then cave diving.

Meandre technologie aux ayralsFor your leisure activities, we offer 2 models

(all waterproof in immersion down to -150m)

The Meandre 1.0 model

Img 20210416 105924


First model of the brand, this 3000lm lamp is intended for practitioners wishing a homogeneous light to illuminate small and large volumes, for photos or videos or quite simply for great visual comfort. It has the advantage of not presenting, unlike lamps equipped with tight spotlights (6 to 10 ° for example), a luminous hot point which stands out on your visual and thus makes very natural lighting.


Meandre technologie meandre 1 0


The explo 1 model

Img 20210416 113350


The best sealer of the moment. The ultimate light for caving, cave diving and many other night activities like skiing, mountain biking, hiking etc etc.

Eclairage vtt enduro meandre technologie

Ski de nuit meandre technologie


It will be perfect for exploration and caving enthusiasts who do not hesitate to embark on imposing wells... By combining a super wide beam and an overpowered spot, it will be easy for you to progress in a committed way.


Exploration souterraine meandre technologie


Like the Meandre 1.0 model, the power varies from 100, 300 to 1500lm on the wide lighting LED and 1500lm on the spot, ensuring a very impressive beam (20°) of light. You can also combine the 2 to reach 3000lm.


Meandre technologie brezil


The Explo 1 model is also highly appreciated by cave divers for its lighting power.


Explo 1 et plongee souterraine

Plongee souterraine