Even if we can use our lamps in an infinite quantity of different activities, it is necessary to know that at the beginning, the specifications were written for the constraints of the speleology.

We offer 2 models for your speleology activities:

(both waterproof in immersion up to -150m)

The Meandre 1.0

Img 7122
The first model of the brand, this 3000lm lamp is for users who want a homogeneous light to illuminate small and large volumes, for photo or video or simply for great visual comfort. It has the advantage of not presenting, unlike lamps with tight spots (6 to 10 ° for example), a bright hot spot that stands out on your visual and thus makes a very natural lighting.


The explo 1

Img 7754

This model is perfect for explorers, cavers not hesitating to embark on imposing wells ... As the model Meandre 1.0 the power varies from 100, 300 to 1500lm on the led of wide lighting and 1500lm on the spot ensuring a beam (10 °) of very imposing light. You can also associate the 2 to reach the 3000lm.


Our lamps can be mounted on helmets of course and for this, we optimized the assembly for a minimal footprint.

Img 6953

You can choose your battery type according to the desired autonomies. We offer several types of batteries: Our lamps work from 7 to 12V but to give you the best possible autonomy, we opted for 11.1V.
Our 11.1V batteries are 3 or 6 cell 18650 LG batteries assembled and protected by Ansmann design electronics in Germany.

Battery pack 5.2Ah

Img 7881

This pack offers a very big autonomy (between 140h in mode 1 and 5h in mode 5). It is quite big on the helmet and obviously heavier than the 2.6Ah pack.
However, if occasionally you plan a short duration output, we give you the opportunity to use a 2.6Ah battery to reduce the weight. You can insert this battery in the big box by calling it with a "false battery".

Img 7051

Battery pack 2.6Ah

Img 6950

This discreet and lightweight pack offers a good compromise on weight, size and autonomy. (from 70h in mode 1 to 2h30 in mode 5 for a weight of 430g in total)


Laser-cut aluminum mounting plates are provided in the kit. They allow to fix your equipment on your helmet. These are flexible enough to be slightly folded if necessary to fit your helmet. Be careful, you drill your helmet under your own responsibility. We would not have been responsible whatever the outcome.

Img 6944Img 6940


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Haritz Izagirre
  • 1. Haritz Izagirre | 01/01/2019
Hey there!
What is the price por "the Expo1"?
Where can i buy it?
  • meandre-technologie (link) | 24/02/2019
hi Haritz, Sorry for the delay, You can order on our web site: For the lamp: Also add the fixation plates: Don't hesitate if you need some other informations, contact us with this E-mail adress: Many thanks for your interest, Best regards, Philippe,

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