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From 100 to 3000 lumens depending on the mode.

Color of light:

6000K,  3000 or 4000K in option

Flicker in mode 1 and 2:

20 000 Hertz

Power supply:

From 7 to 8.5Vdc  and from 10 to 12Vdc 30W max 

(The product operates between 8.5 to 10Vdc but the battery prevention function is not reliable because we are on a common voltage range between a 8.5 V battery full charged and a 10V battery at the end of charge)


Around 1 ampere per led at 100% of lighting (mode 3 or 4)

5 Modes:

Mode 1: rescue mode with 7% of lighting at 120° (100 lumens)

Mode 2: progress mode with 20% of lighting at 120° (300 lumens)

Mode 3: full power with 100% of lighting at 120° (1500 lumens)

Mode 4: Spot in full power (1500 lumens)

Mode 5: the 2 Led in same time in full power (1500+1500 lumens)

Switch on, change on mode, cut the light:

Switch on: Push de button at the back of the lamp during 3 to 4 secondes. The lamp start allways under the mode 1.

Change of mode: push the button one shoot to pass to the following mode.

The order of mode are very simply: 1-2-3-4-5----1-2-3....

Cut the light: Push the button at the back of the lamp during 3 to 4 secondes whatever the mode.




IP69 for the lamp and the battery cases Ans5.2 or Ans2.6. depth max:150m 492feet

Outline of the lamp alone:

73.2x67x47mm: See the outline drawing at the bottom

Weight of lamp:


Temperatures of using:

-30°C +40°C


The lamp is provided to be fixed by 2 screws M5 face to face. See the outline drawing at the bottom.

Outline drawing:

Encombrement lampe 2




Autonomy with différent batteries

MODE Lighting(lumens) Battery 11.1V 2.6Ah Battery 11.1V 5.2Ah Battery 7.5V 2.2Ah Battery 7.2V 6.8Ah
1 100




2 300 13h00 26h* 15h* 26h*
3 1500 4h30 9h 3h 9h
4 1500 4h30 9h 3h 9h
5 3000 2h40 5h 1h30 3h45

Caution, The autonomy vary regarding the ambient temperature of using

(*) These values are estimated, calculated from values in mode 3 in there respective colums.  The others has been validated during tests in laboratery under ambient temperature at  20°C +/-1

Low battery prevention:

What ever the mode, when the battery arrives at the end of charge,the user is informed by an visual effect.

The light cut 300 milli-secondes all the 20 secondes. Never you will be in the black without prevention.

Of course, As soon as the prevention mode will be active, you will not wait to change your battery.

The principle is to control the output voltage of the battery. As soon as this tension become too low, the electronique detect it and activ the prevention mode.


2 years except the battery

Garanty concerning the battery : 1 year

Conditions of garanty:

-The lamp is warranted for use under the prescribed temperature conditions (-40, + 50 ° C) and under the conditions of use for which it is intended.

-It is no longer guaranteed if:

1-The cable gland has been dismantled,

2-The glass has been broken or cracked. This means that the lamp has taken a shock of extreme violence, we can not ensure a good functioning in these conditions..

3-If the glass has been dismantled and then reassembled in a humid environment.

4-If the window has been incorrectly reassembled (see changing the window)


battery pack datasheet

Manufactured by Méandre-Technologie, the 2.6Ah and 5.2Ah battery boxes are composed of a housing and a cover, a seal, 2 closure screws with plastic head allowing an opening by hand and 2 screws with rounded heads in A4 stainless steel for those who want a housing a little less bulky. It will be necessary to bring the key suitable for the opening.

These boxes are delivered with the cable mounted through their gland to ensure the best possible seal.  

Img 20210418 140208

Material of case and cover:

Aerospace anodized aluminum.

Caractéristics of cable:

Reinforced sheath for severe military and industrial use. Please be careful not to bend it


IP 69 warranty for 150m max. Be careful that the seal is always clean before closing the cover.


Model 2.6Ah: case only: 130g .------ battery alone: 141g ------ is 270g all

Model 5.2Ah: case only: 156g .------ battery alone: 276g ------ is 432g all

Closing of the cover ensured by 2 stainless steel screws with plastic heads. tightening should only be done by hand. (no clamp or any tool)

Be careful to position the cover correctly as the photo below when closing the battery box. Do not touch the contact blades with your fingers or any tool. These are positioned by themselves when the lid is closed.

Img 20210428 115143




Outline drawing of 2.6 and 5.2Ah battery boxes:

3 cells model:

Encomb boit bat 2 6ahModèle 5.2Ah:

6 cells model:

Encomb boit bat 5 2ah