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Rtc sous argentiere





Do you have a multitude of very close shots in environments devoid of light or the flashes are very, even too busy?

We offer you an alternative with a continuous light from our Prowide model.

The beam angle of 120° makes it possible to provide a global and homogeneous light, having the advantage of reducing shadows.

Prowide sous apn h

This light mounts under a camera using the tripod mount thread.

The CRI of 90 of our LEDs will allow you optimum photo processing in the event of post-processing.

We offer you to choose the color temperature between 3000, 4000 and 5700K.



Our Blocs are composed of a lighting head (Prowide, Explo 1 or Meandre 1.0) assembled on a 3 or 6-cell battery box.




Blocs prowide et explo 1 h 1

Compact, light and very efficient, our blocks are fixed on tripods of all types thanks to a "Kodak" thread.

500g for models with 3 cell battery and 660g for models with 6 cell battery.

Bloc sur trepied 2

They make it possible to bring light into the shadow areas, to supplement the lighting if it is not sufficient for photographic and video recordings as well.

As for lamps under APN, the CRI is 90 and you can choose the color temperature.

The blocks are waterproof down to -150 meters and resist all the constraints of the underground. It is the ideal accessory to intervene whatever the constrained environment.

It is possible to assemble several blocks on a single piece of equipment to obtain custom-made light diffusers. (Consult us)

The light heads can be remote from the battery boxes to meet your specific needs. (Consult us)




With its experience in the field of lighting for 3D scanning by photogrammetry of constrained environments, Meandre Technologie is extending its range.


1200px leica geosystems svg

With the support of engineers from the French agency Leica Geosystems, we have developed and perfected for Leica brand lidar scanners, lighting dedicated to the BLK2GO and RTC360 models.



Rtc360 et blk2go

What is the purpose of these lights?

Adding light to the base of these devices opens up the fields of applications by making the GRAND SLAM of the BLK2GO more efficient and by improving the VIS operation of the RTC360 in places where there is no light.

This artificial light also makes it possible to finalize the recordings at the end of the day in winter, for example, or to work at night in the public domain where the crowd is no longer present.

Our equipment especially allows scanners to maintain the colorization of point clouds regardless of where and when the capture takes place.

Thanks to these new accessories, 3D scanning by lidar can now penetrate constrained and / or confined environments, be used day and night while keeping exactly the same precision.

Rtc et domplom

What are the specifics?


-Homogeneous light covers the fields of view of the photographic sensors of Leica Geosystems devices.

-The lights have been designed specifically for the BLK2GO and the RTC360. The combination of the two therefore makes it a unique piece of equipment. However, the RTC360 dedicated lighting can be used with adaptation for other applications.

-No concession has been made on the choice of components and as a result, these lights offer by their performance, their robustness, autonomy and ergonomics, a perfect working tool.


Powerful, homogeneous and super light, here is the model Dedicated to BLK2GO:


Meandre technologie et blk2go

Main Features :

The lighting slips under the BLK2GO. A flange passing through the handle of the BLK2GO with 2 screws holding the assembly. The battery is deported in a backpack.

-Luminous flux: from 2250 to 15000 lumens depending on the power used.

-CRI : 90

-FLICKER : 20 000Hz

-Light weight: 1kg

- Battery and backpack weight: 2kg.

-Li-ION battery: 10.8 volts 35Ah (378Wh)

- Autonomy: from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. depending on the power used.

-Battery charging time: 8h

-Sealing: IP60

-Operating temperature range: -10 => + 40 ° C

-Charger power supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz max.

-Lighting control: By a push button on the lighting module.

All LEDs are linked together.


Powerful and robust, with a high autonomy, here is the model dedicated to the RTC360


Meandre technologie et rtc360

Main Features :

The battery part and the lighting part are associated. The assembly is securely mounted on the tripod thanks to a clamping screw under the tripod plate. The RTC360 attaches to the top of the light module in the same way it initially attaches to the tripod.

The battery module dissociates from the assembly to be recharged or replaced by another battery module in the event that the autonomy would not be sufficient to hold out to the end of the scanning operation.

There are 2 possibilities for controlling the LEDs. One proposing to control all the LEDs at the same time thanks to a push button and one allowing to control the LEDs on 4 distinct zones thanks to a remote control with a range of 40m.

-Luminous flux: from 450 to 18,000 lumens.

-CRI : 90

-Flickers : 20 000Hz

-Weight of the lighting: 3.9kg.

-Battery module: 10.8 volts, 42Ah (453.6Wh).

- Autonomy: from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. depending on the power used.

-Battery module charging time: 6h.

- Watertightness: IP60.

- Operating temperature range:

-10 => + 40 ° C -Charger power supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz max.

- 2 lighting control possibilities:

1-By push button on the lighting module.

2-By remote control (range 40m). The LEDs are distributed over 4 independent zones.

-Compatible with Leica Geosystems Réfrence GST80 tripod.


This light can be used with other scanners of similar design by modifying the scanner attachment on our light. (replacement of the Leica mounting mushroom with a 3/8 UNC thread).


RTC360 in action


Rtc et domplomMeandre techno rtc360 carriere souterraineRtc360 sous glacier argentiere

Meandre techno rtc360 size bolozon


BLK2GO in action


Meandre techno et blk2goMeandre techno blk2go sous romeBlk2go sous romeBlk2go grotte de domme