Battery box 2.6Ah with connector IP69 (-150m)

Battery box for battery 2.6Ah with our IP69 connector (-150m)

Reference: AS 17.41.005_00
Battery case and aeronautical grade aluminum connector machined in the mass on a CNC machine. => infallible precision and solidity

Waterproofness: IP69 -150m.
Sealing is only guaranteed if the connector is assembled (male + female) and locked correctly. Indeed, if the connector is open, the water can circulate in the sheath of the power cable and go up to the battery box.

delivered with a set of 2 ordinary inox A4 screws additional  if you want to replace plastic head screws to save space. Indeed, you will not need to open the battery cover to recharge your battery. You can connect your charger directly to the IP69 connector by choosing the charger  Ref AS 17.39.001_00.

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Reference: AS 17.41.005_00

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