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Extension cable with IP69 connector length 1m10

Extension cable 1m10 long to connect the lamp to the battery box in IP69 waterproof connector version

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Reference: AS 17.43.002_00

Series 6000 aluminum body. Cable designed for severe industrial and military use.

Extension dedicated to scuba diving and / or underground. You can use it up to -150M.


-Do not lose the seal at the bottom of the cavity. You can grease it to reduce this risk.

-The seal is not ensured when the connector is not assembled (male + female).

-Make sure the connector nut is screwed in all the way. (do not see the thread when the nut is tightened properly)

-Do not tighten with a pliers-type tool. Hand tightening is sufficient.


We can develop cables with customized lengths on request. Contact us for this ...