The Bloc Explo 1 with 3-cell battery

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Bloc Explo 1 with 3-cell battery

An Explo 1 lamp, a 3 cell battery box, all assembled on an aluminum support.

Take your light wherever you want: in your confined spaces, in water up to -150m, on your demanding sites. The block fears nothing, neither water, nor mud, nor dust, it can be fixed on a flexible tripod or not. To be placed on the ground.

Bloc 3 cell vue iso 1

Tapping: standard camera tripod, i.e. 1/4 20 UNC.

Bloc prowide 3 cellules 2Total weight: 500g

The characteristics of the lamp are those of the model Explo 1 model headlamps.

Bloc prowide 3 cellules 1Dimensions: height 110mm, width 100mm, length 100mm